All the contents on the floor - carpet, linoleum and concrete (Part 3)


Another type of floor is wall-to-wall carpeting and lin […]

Another type of floor is wall-to-wall carpeting and linoleum. Carpet - soft, warm, easy to handle, different color - should be replaced every 10 years. The reason is as carpet based plastics begin to break down after a period of time.
A very common mistake is covered with stained carpets with linoleum, carpet is no longer look so good. In the following more durable linoleum floor, the carpet will break down, smell the air emissions of harmful substances to health.
Linoleum is very convenient, easy to clean, is the best floor of schools and hospitals. It will wear out quickly, especially in the corridors and hallways. The first thing to do is joint. These are the two main factors that determine the life cycle of linoleum - density and quality of the joints linoleum.
Concrete floors are widely used in parking lot, warehouse. Epoxy polymeric coating can withstand heavy concrete floor, it is widely used in industrial buildings. In most cases, it is made of a concrete floor, only dense upper layer of gravel on the ground, and then a layer of 15 to 20 centimeters wide at the top to RC.
Geological conditions so happened, causing the concrete floor can not reside on the ground, they need some kind of basis. In this case, as the carrier structure and execute concrete plate.
There are many specific types of floors: raised floor (also known as floor), for easy access to communication cables; 70x70mm beams made of wood (mainly used for stadium and arena) (also known as deck floors); warm floor - hot water circulating through pipes laid under the floor. Currently, these limitations are not within the scope of this discussion.

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