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Carpet Style With a wide range of carpets available tod […]

Carpet Style
With a wide range of carpets available today, it is best to first understand the basic characteristics of carpet, carpet quality mark, fiber available and how to select the best floor carpet for the room or living space.
The most common type of floor carpet is carpet ring, there are four variations:
 horizontal pile loop (loop height equal)
 multilayer pile (simple or complex design of two or three variable height)
 cut velvet (sculpted carpet, which loops have been cut to create more refined carpet)
 cut and loop pile (combination of cut pile and cut pile)
Some common examples of these types of Berber carpet (multi-layer carpet), coarse (cut down) and the most common wall-to-wall carpet (horizontal loop).
Carpet tiles are also increasingly popular. Installation is similar to standard tiles. They can be easily cut to fit, mixed and matched to provide personalized design style, and can creatively solve unusual space needs carpet.
Quality Carpet
Determine the quality of the carpet is important because it is directly related to the degree of support in the carpet at home.
The most important guidelines is looking to buy quality carpet per square inch density or terry / wool. The greater density; better quality. A simple test can be performed, i.e., "wrinkling" test, in order to identify the density of the carpet.
Fold back carpet samples, folded back like a piece of paper, see the crease to view shows how much backing, the less you see of the backing, which means better quality carpet, in other words, to maintain the comfort of time longer. .
The type of carpet fiber
Carpet fibers are made from synthetic and natural materials. Fiber price, style and quality used and the complexity of the design related. Whichever you choose, always choose the highest quality and within budget, and to ensure the best performance in the longest time.
 wool carpet: It is a natural fiber, most commonly used in luxurious comfort of the most important families. Rich, luxurious and elegant design, although it is one of the most expensive product, but the stain-resistant and wear-resistant. By proper care, wool carpets can be kept for up to 25 years of beauty. For areas of high humidity, this is not the best choice of the floor carpet, as it will absorb moisture and generates a corresponding odor.
 olefin Carpet: This is also called a polypropylene carpet fibers, made of plastic polymers, because of their excellent stain resistance, color retention and affordability consumers have easily become a material manufacturer carpets most needed. A word of warning is that the olefin is an oily magnet, either oil-based spills are actually mixed with such carpet fiber, will not be cleared.
 nylon carpet: This is the most common carpet fibers, ideal for most home applications. Nylon is the most familiar advertising materials manufacturers Dupont, Allied and Monsanto and so on. Nylon has withstood the test of time, and there are a variety of price points. Its most powerful features is repeated under pressure to regain their ability to shape, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Except by pre-fouling product, or its stain resistance is minimal.
 polyester carpet: This fiber can be comparable in price with the olefin, nylon and comparable in terms of quality, is ideal for busy families and large flow of people in the region. The stain-resistant carpet fiber is better than any other, but it does have a reputation for shedding and pilling.
Carpet pad
Does not support high-quality carpet carpet will destroy any good choose soft ground floor. Right foot carpet rug pad will make any softer, and significantly extend the life of the carpet fiber properties.
The general rule mats and rugs to match; a cushion for a standard residential carpet fluff may not exceed 7/16 inch; for Berber (Berber) and other low-pile carpet, use no more than 3/8 inch mat.
Beautiful home in comfort and style is the result of balance, style and color. Carpet may be the main features of the room, but also can provide a comfortable canvas. Either way, use this guide to purchase carpet will help to find the most appropriate and practical, design and comfort of the family carpet.

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