Green floor option makes it easy to be green at trade shows


What you know about green floors at trade shows  For p […]

What you know about green floors at trade shows
 For potential exhibitors, booth flooring is an afterthought. . . But this should not be
 Many environmentally friendly flooring options to choose from, more than ever
 There are several types of green flooring, including sustainable flooring and floors made from natural, recycled or recyclable materials
 Your dealer can help you choose the right green floor
Therefore, you have organized an exhibition to stop it. You have determined the booth configuration, color scheme, graphics and signage. What else to do? You just need to look at the ground under your feet. After a long day of treading on the hard floor of the exhibition hall, tired attendees will welcome you to the soft and comfortable floor installed in the booth.
For many exhibitors, the floor of the booth was thought of at best after the fact. However, with very little effort and investment, carefully selected flooring can perfectly match your booth and bring more professionalism to it. When selecting a floor, you should consider the frequency of use, how to withstand normal wear and tear, and the long-term settings, disassembly, and storage. Aesthetics is also a problem. You will choose the floor that matches the other components of the booth in color and style. If you are unsure of how to install the selected floor, hire a professional to help you. Improper floor installation will give your booth a sloppy amateurish feel.
Why consider green flooring
With growing interest in green products, more and more companies are seeking environmentally-friendly solutions for everything from office supplies to trade show exhibits. When considering green options for trade show exhibits, don't forget the floor.
Flooring suppliers continue to introduce a variety of environmentally friendly products that have more applications than ever before. This means you can reduce your impact on the environment without affecting design or creativity. And because many green floor products are designed to provide maximum life and reusability, they can be very cost-effective options.
Types of environmentally friendly flooring
If you are like many people, when you hear 'green floor', the first thing that comes to mind is floors made from natural renewable products such as wood, bamboo, cork, seagrass and sisal. These options can be used to create very beautiful upscale looks, and flooring vendors such as Brumark make natural products more accessible and usable than ever before.
If the floor is made of recyclable or recyclable materials, it also meets green standards. Many standard floor products can now be made from these materials, including carpets made from recycled plastic bottles. DuPont's SmartStrand corn-based polymer is also now used to make carpets. If you are looking for a very durable, versatile and convenient green floor, consider using recyclable carpet tiles or recyclable rubber flooring. Carpet mats made from recycled materials such as mattress parts and carpets are also an environmentally friendly option.
These days, you may also hear a lot about sustainable products. A product is considered sustainable if it is durable or reusable with minimal long-term environmental impact.
Sustainable floors can be made from natural, recyclable or recyclable materials. However, other factors (such as how the product is manufactured, whether it emits potentially hazardous chemicals, or whether it is installed without using toxic products) can also affect whether the product is considered sustainable and environmentally friendly.
How to choose a green floor
Many manufacturers use icons on their websites and price guides to indicate which products are recyclable, recyclable or sustainable. If not, ask your distributor how the product is manufactured, packaged, shipped, and installed.
When choosing a green floor, consider how to install, use, maintain and dispose of it. For example, if you choose recyclable floors, is there a recycling center near you? Or does the supplier recycle it? Your distributor will be able to provide you with all of these considerations.

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