How is it better to use PVC plastic floor than ordinary flooring?


1. It has the function of green and environmental prote […]

1. It has the function of green and environmental protection: the main raw material of PVC plastic floor is polyvinyl chloride, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable capital. It has been used in a small amount in people's daily lives, such as tableware and medical infusion tubes. There is no need to worry about the environmental protection of bags. Any qualified PVC plastic floor needs to pass IS09001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification.



2. It has the function of ultra-light and ultra-thin: PVC plastic floor weighs only 2-3KG per square meter, which lacks 10% of popular aerial data. In high-rise construction, there are unparalleled advantages in terms of building load-bearing and space waste. At the same time, it has special advantages in the reform of old buildings.

3. It has super wear-resistant function: PVC plastic floor has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high-tech. The super wear-resistant layer specially treated on the exterior fully guarantees the excellent wear-resistant function of aerial materials. The wear-resistant layer on the exterior of the PVC raised floor can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions according to the difference in thickness. The thickness of the wear-resistant layer and The quality directly determines the use time of PVC plastic flooring. The results of the standard test show that the 0.55mm thick wear layer can be used for 10 years under normal conditions, and the 0.7mm thick wear layer can be used for more than 10 years, so it is Super wear-resistant. Because of its super abrasion resistance, PVC plastic flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, school buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other occasions with large traffic.

4. It has the function of high elasticity and super impact resistance: PVC plastic floor has soft texture, so it has good elasticity, and has excellent elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. The texture of coiled material floor is softer and more elastic, and its feet feel warm and comfortable. It is called "floor soft gold". At the same time, the PVC plastic floor has strong impact resistance, and has strong elastic recovery for the impact of heavy objects, and will not cause damage. The excellent PVC plastic floor can limit the damage to the human body in the air, and can dissipate the impact on the feet. The research data shows that after the excellent PVC plastic floor series products are paved in the space with large traffic, the personnel fall The rate of fall and injury has increased by nearly 70% compared to other floors.

5. It has super anti-slip function: the wear-resistant layer of the PVC plastic floor surface has special anti-slip properties. The PVC plastic floor feels more astringent under the condition of sticky water, and it is not easy to slip, that is, the more water the more astringent. Therefore, in the public places where public safety requirements are high, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, school houses, etc., air decoration materials have been very popular in China in recent years.

6. It has the function of fire and flame retardant: the fire target of PVC plastic floor of good quality can reach B1 level, which means that the fire protection function is very exciting, second only to stone. PVC plastic floor will not extinguish itself and can prevent it from extinguishing; the smoke generated by the high-quality PVC plastic floor series products when actively extinguished will not cause harm to human body, and will not generate interest-ca Waterproof and moisture-proof function: Because the secondary component of PVC plastic floor is vinyl resin, it has no affinity with water, so it is naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not temporarily soaked, it will not be damaged.

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