How to lay the PVC floor in the elevator?


The elevator PVC floor installation requirements, in ad […]

The elevator PVC floor installation requirements, in addition to the conventional PVC floor installation requirements-the car must be smooth, at the same time the height difference is less than 2 mm, and the wet car should be cleaned and dry.
In view of the different materials and leveling conditions of the original floor of the elevator, corresponding ground leveling measures should be taken.




1. If the ground surface is patterned steel plate, if the elevator PVC floor installation requirements cannot be met, you can use a fireproof board to level the ground, and then install the elevator PVC floor on the fireproof board, or level the car by other methods. Unsmooth elevator floor steel floor.

2. If the elevator floor is old ceramic tiles or marble floors, it is good that after cleaning up, the damaged areas should be repaired, or all marble or ceramic tiles should be removed to reduce the weight of the elevator and achieve the effect of energy saving.

3. Elevators with PVC floor pasted on the elevator surface:
If the damaged area is relatively large, first shovel all the old PVC floor, clean the residual glue on the floor, and polish it smoothly; keep the floor surface smooth and flat, and then install the new PVC floor on the ground. If the damage is small, you can directly pave it according to the actual situation. Elevator decorative floor materials are gradually transformed from traditional marble tiles to more energy-efficient and lighter-load PVC floors. There are conventional PVC floor laying, and various customized PVC custom elevator mats.

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