How to repair PVC sheet flooring?


1. Timing floor repair PVC floor cleaning uses a neutra […]

1. Timing floor repair
PVC floor cleaning uses a neutral detergent to clean. It is not possible to use strong acid or alkali cleaners to clean the floor. Do regular cleaning and maintenance work.
2. Daily maintenance
The surface is clean, and the local foundation is damaged. The floor is waxed, especially the homogeneous PVC floor. Generally, the floor is waxed once a month for maintenance.
3. Matters needing attention
Floor cleaning cannot use cleaning balls, knives, and dirt that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods. Consult relevant people. Do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemicals indiscriminately.
4. Chemical protection
Prevent a large amount of water from staying on the surface of the floor for a long time, especially for block floors and homogenous floors. Water that washes the floor for a long time may penetrate under the floor and melt the floor glue and lose its adhesion, and it may also cause The moisture layer of the protective wax on the floor surface causes water pollution on the floor, and it is also possible that sewage infiltrates into the floor and causes the floor to discolor (homogeneous floor).
5. Sun protection
Prevent strong sunlight from direct sunlight, and make the floor irradiate ultraviolet rays to avoid discoloration and fading of the floor.


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