How to clean the plastic floor? 90% of people ignore the most important point


How to clean the plastic floor? 1. Clean up. For dust o […]

How to clean the plastic floor?

1. Clean up. For dust or granular dirt on the surface of the plastic floor, it can be removed by direct cleaning or by a vacuum cleaner.

Floor cleaning

2, wet drag. If you find that the surface of the floor is stained with hard-to-remove after cleaning, you can choose to wet it. Dilute the special cleaning agent for plastic floor with water. The general ratio is 1:20. For details, please refer to the instruction manual of the cleaning agent. Then dipped the dry mop into it and kept the mop in a semi-wet state to mop the floor.

3. Wipe the floor cleaning machine. In addition to the use of wet mopping, you can also use the scrubber to clean and remove stains on the floor surface. The floor scrubber can grind off the dirt on the floor surface, then wipe the floor with water and cloth. At this point, it should be noted that the tool for wiping the floor should not use scouring pad or steel ball, etc. This type of cleaning device has too much friction and causes damage to the floor surface.

4, waxing. After the stains on the surface of the plastic floor are completely removed, waxing is also required. Dip a clean mop into the water-based wax and apply it evenly to the floor surface. Alternatively, use a special waxing machine for waxing. The plastic floor after waxing should not be stepped on immediately, and must wait for the wax to dry before it can walk. After 20 minutes of waxing, the wax on the surface of the floor has dried up, but it still takes two or three hours to completely dry out. At this time, it can be blown dry by using an electric fan or the like, and the drying time will be shortened.

How to clean the plastic floor? Plastic floor we can follow the above steps to clean and maintain, in fact, plastic floor also needs to use water-based wax for cleaning and maintenance, and many people ignore this, have you learned?

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