Kindergarten PVC Floor maintenance methods in different stages


The first stage: cleaning and maintenance after floor l […]

The first stage: cleaning and maintenance after floor laying / before use
1. First remove the dust and debris on the floor surface.
2. Use a floor cleaner to remove the protective wax, grease, dust and other dirt on the floor surface, and then use a water absorber to absorb the water stains.
3. According to the needs of the situation, add 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax.
The second stage: Kindergarten PVC Floor daily cleaning and maintenance
1. Push dust or vacuum cleaner.
2. Wet drag. It's best to use floor cleaning to dilute with water at 1:20 and mop the floor with a moist mop.
The third stage: Periodic cleaning and maintenance are carried out according to the first stage and the second stage.
The fourth stage: the treatment of special dirt
1. Oil stains: For local oil stains, pour the original solution of the water-based degreaser directly on the towel and wipe it; for large areas of oil stains, dilute the Viter water-based degreaser at 1:10 and clean it with a grinder and a red grinding pad at a low speed.
2. Black offset printing: use spray cleaning maintenance wax with high-speed polishing machine plus white polishing pad polishing treatment. For long-time black offset printing, you can pour the strong black offset remover directly on the towel and wipe it.
3. There is gum or chewing gum on the Kindergarten PVC Floor: pour it directly on the towel with a professional strong glue remover and wipe it off. Cleaners: water-based degreasing agent, spray cleaning wax, strong black offset remover, strong degumming agent, etc.

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