The difference between PVC floor and rubber floor


(1) There are differences in color: rubber flooring is […]

(1) There are differences in color: rubber flooring is difficult to color, because rubber has strong color absorption, so the color of most rubber flooring is relatively single, while the color of PVC flooring is very many, can be arbitrarily combined, can give designers more choices.
(2) There are differences in the ease of installation: PVC floor is light in texture and easy and quick to install; rubber floor is heavy and laborious to install. And the rubber floor installation method is more stringent. If the method is not correct, air bubbles will appear, and the requirements for self-leveling foundation will be more perfect, otherwise the defects of the base layer will be exaggerated.
(3) There are differences in market demand and abrasion resistance: Due to the high price, rubber flooring is only used in some high-end places, and the scope is relatively narrow. The PVC floor is widely used due to its high cost performance, and the market potential is huge. In addition, the rubber floor is more resistant to abrasion. It is very suitable for airports, stations, and other places with a large number of people, as well as aircraft, trains, subways, cars, and ships.

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