What are the precautions and maintenance techniques for rubber flooring?


Precautions and maintenance tips for the use of rubber […]

Precautions and maintenance tips for the use of rubber flooring

1. Anti-corrosion
After the rubber floor is corroded, it will leave scars and affect the appearance. Avoid spilling liquid, blood, urine, ink, and other acid-alkaline substances on the ground. If you accidentally spill it, wipe it up immediately and notify the cleaning staff to deal with it accordingly.

2. Waterproof
The rubber floor is prone to drumming, edge warping and discoloration after soaking, so you should pay attention to waterproofing. Try to avoid spilling water on the ground when entering and leaving the bathroom and boiling water room. If it is accidentally spilled, wipe it off immediately. Note that after mopping the floor with water, mop the floor with dry wax in time.

3. Anti-scratch
Rubber floor is a kind of soft surface object, it is difficult to repair after scratch. Avoid dragging tables, stools and other objects on the ground, even cartons, wooden boxes, etc. are easily scratched on the ground.

4. Anti-burn
The rubber floor will turn yellow and hard after being fired, which not only affects the appearance, but also breaks easily. Therefore, avoid contact with the ground such as cigarette butts.

5. Timely maintenance
The rubber floor should be kept clean, beautiful and durable. It should be well maintained and waxed in the long term. Generally, it should be waxed once a quarter and operated by professional maintenance personnel. Avoid stepping on it before the wax is dry. After waxing, you should use a neutral detergent to clean (Axo Floor's strong detergent has a significant effect). Do not use strong acid or alkali detergent to clean the floor, such as 84 liquid, decontamination powder, washing powder, etc. If there are stains, use a neutral detergent to clean and wipe clean.

6. Proper method
When cleaning the floor, it is absolutely forbidden to use hard and rough cleaning tools (such as steel balls, scouring pads, etc.) to clean the rubber floor to prevent sharp objects from hitting the rubber floor. For the dirt that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods, you should consult the relevant person. Do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemicals indiscriminately.


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