What are the related introductions of PVC carpets?


Introduction: PVC carpet is a carpet produced by using […]

PVC carpet is a carpet produced by using polyvinyl chloride resin material as the back of the carpet, which can replace pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet.

Material characteristics:
1. Good flexibility, the material is elastic when folded in half and will not crack.
2. The requirement for the flatness of the ground is not high.
3. Good aesthetics, straight edges, seamless, not easy to depilate.
4. Fireproof and flame retardant, PVC carpet can reach B1 fireproof grade.

Application scenarios:
It is widely used in many public places and is the mainstream floor material in office spaces.

1. Drums and wrinkles:
Except that the carpet was not spread and flattened before paving, the main reason was that the tension of the brace was uneven during paving and the individual barbs in the barb were not caught.
If bulging occurs when the carpet is opened, the carpet should be rolled upside down and spread flat. When paving, the support should be evenly exerted. Load the barbed board immediately after Zhangping, and hit with a flat spatula to ensure that the barbs can grasp the carpet.
2. Inconsistent color:
In addition to the poor quality of the materials, it also includes that the surface of the base layer is wet or water seepage makes the carpet change color after absorbing water, and the surface of the carpet becomes lighter due to sun exposure. So pay attention to choosing carpets of good quality and consistent color when buying.


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