What is a green floor?


The latest research shows that environmental agencies, […]

The latest research shows that environmental agencies, indoor pollutant levels were significantly higher than outdoors. Which for many homeowners, especially those committed to creating a safe, non-toxic environment for children and young family pet family, it is shocking information. In fact, in many cases, one of the main factors contributing to indoor levels of pollutants in the floor. Carpets and other floor sometimes release hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, some of which are known and suspected carcinogens. Green flooring designed to minimize the amount of toxic chemicals in your home, while improving sustainability.
Today, there are many green carpet in a sustainable price sale. Carpets made from natural fibers (e.g., wool) formed almost no chemical treatment, a chemical treatment may not be performed. You can also choose to have fewer toxins and natural fibers as a substrate adhesive carpet.
However, in addition to the carpet itself, you should also affect other aspects of the floor on the environment into account. The filler may contain petroleum-based plastics, which are non-renewable resources. In addition, during the installation process, many professionals harmful to your environment with chemical glue, so be sure to use with the use of low VOC water-based glue installer.
Wood floor
Although sometimes criticized choose wood flooring because wood is a natural origin, but less affected by these types of flooring for your home environment, and can even be made from recycled materials. In addition, bamboo flooring is a great alternative to other types of hardwood. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing trees, and a large number. In addition, bamboo is much more than hard maple and red oak, so we all know, bamboo longer life, but also can naturally resistant to water, mold and insects.
Cork is another environmentally friendly flooring. Despite the cork, cork has a natural elasticity, making it very comfortable. In addition, cork not only improved sound insulation, but also improves the insulation effect, thus reducing energy costs. This is a clear environmental benefit. Homeowners also like cork, because it has a hypoallergenic, cork flooring does not attract dust, and fire retardant can be used as a natural insect repellent.
In fact, engineered wood flooring is another environmentally friendly option. Manufacturers use a substantially slower hardwood layer grown on a floor surface, and then to use more renewable timber constructed backing. Ultimately, the impact of these types of forest floor slowly growing smaller, while still providing an attractive choice.
As our society increasingly concerned environmentalist, green flooring is not only becoming more and more popular, and more and more widespread use. With your flooring experts talk about environmentally friendly flooring options they offer, you will find attractive flooring for your home.

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