What is PVC sheet flooring?


PVC sheet floor is a new type of floor covering materia […]

PVC sheet floor is a new type of floor covering material. Generally speaking, its structure is divided into: wear-resistant and beautiful UV coating on the surface layer (a few domestic manufacturers do not use UV coating), and the second layer is a wear-resistant layer (According to the process, it is divided into translucent wear-resistant layer and embossed wear-resistant layer, and according to the film manufacturing formula, it is divided into DOP ordinary plasticizer and dmp environmental protection plasticizer). The third layer is the printing layer (due to the fast printing color in the mainland The reason for the uneven color difference caused by the difference in color and lot number, caused by Taiwan fabrics is the best), the fourth layer is the middle stable layer (usually PVC resin powder plus plasticizer and calcium carbonate, etc.) Laminated raw materials), the fifth layer is the bottom layer (usually made of recycled PVC waste products such as shoe materials, reclaimed scraps, and then laminated with stone powder), and some high-end products will add a stable layer of PVC on the bottom layer. To improve the stability of the structure.


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