What is the difference between PVC and linen flooring?


Composition: Oxidized linoleum, a mixture of cork and w […]

Composition: Oxidized linoleum, a mixture of cork and wood flour, laminated on the jute backing. There are other unnatural chemicals added.
Scratch resistance:
The linen floor is hard and soft. This is why thick linen floors have poor scratch resistance.
Dimensional stability:
The dimensional stability of linen flooring is very poor. Therefore, strong glue must be used, and construction costs will naturally rise. Flax flooring is not as stable as PVC. PVC flooring contains a glass fiber layer, which has a small coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction.
Color difference and maintenance:
During the drying process of the linoleum floor, it is dried by the cross bars in a 15-meter-long drying oven. The light-colored marks left by these cross bars cannot be removed in the future process. There will be differences between the sample and the actual product, yellowing, and the resistance of the linen floor to the maintenance product is very poor. The maintenance of the linoleum floor needs to be maintained under natural light, it needs to be polished and waxed, and special products must be used. In all cases, the non-added PVC floor is better than the linoleum floor. Linoleum flooring is much harder than PVC products.
Stain resistance:
The surface of the linoleum floor is porous, and all the dirt must be cleaned quickly, otherwise the surface will leave marks that are difficult to remove, so it must be polished and waxed, otherwise it will become dirty. Linen floor can be worn away from burn marks, but PVC floor (composite type) cannot. Through-heart PVC floor is much easier than linen floor.
The construction of linoleum floor is more difficult. If the indoor temperature is too low, the linoleum floor is easy to break. Therefore, the product must be installed quickly with strong glue, which may cause indoor formaldehyde pollution. Linen flooring cannot be welded but "joints", so linen flooring cannot be used in damp rooms or areas with cleanliness requirements.
Environmental protection:
Many people think that linen flooring is produced from natural materials, so it is the most environmentally friendly floor. They do not know that linen flooring is also added with chemical substances, and it also emits a strong smell, staying in the installation room, giving people a strange smell. PVC flooring does not release any odor and does not contain formaldehyde.


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