What needs to be done before construction of PVC plastic floor?


Before the construction of PVC plastic floor, it is nec […]

Before the construction of PVC plastic floor, it is necessary to test the ground condition and evaluate the project standard. The following aspects are mainly required:

1) Strength
The strength grade of the fine stone concrete leveling layer (or cement mortar) is greater than C20, and the result of the hardness tester should be that the surface hardness of the floor is not less than 1.2 MPa. The fine stone concrete leveling layer (or cement mortar) shall not be hollowed, cracked or sanded.

2) Ground flatness
The height error within 2m range is within 3mm (2m long detection ruler detection).

3) Dryness
Before construction, ensure that the ground is dry, and the concrete or cement mortar leveling layer exceeds the final curing period of at least 28 days. The moisture content of the base layer should be less than 3% using the CNN moisture content tester.

4) Waterproof
For parts that may be exposed to water for a long time, such as toilets, washrooms, and boiling water rooms, a waterproof layer should be made on the wall and floor (the height of the wall above the waterproof layer is not less than 30cm). The floor elevation of toilets, washrooms, boiling water rooms, etc. should be 3-5cm lower than the floor elevation of other parts.
On the ground floor of the ground floor, the civil construction (or decoration) should make a moisture-proof layer.

5) Height difference at the junction with other materials
The height difference at the junction of other ground materials (carpet, marble, wooden floor, floor tiles, etc.) should be within minus 4-6mm. Lay the linseed oil floor material from the bottom of the front door leaf to the ground and leave a seam H≥10mm.

6) Cross construction
Cross construction is prohibited for floor construction. Floor materials entering the site for construction should be arranged after all the previous procedures have been completed and exit the site or before the final painting.

7) Construction period
For floor construction, each process has a certain maintenance period, and the later construction is more delicate. In order to ensure the construction quality, sufficient construction period must be guaranteed.



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