Which is better, PVC floor or carpet?


Each of these two types of floorboards has its own adva […]

Each of these two types of floorboards has its own advantages. Comparing these two floors from a personal perspective will have the following differences:
1. Comparison of PVC floor and carpet:
1. More durable, the applicable life is more than 5 times that of the carpet. The applicable life of the factory's high wear-resistant PVC floor is more than 15 years. 
2. Cleaning and maintenance are easier and maintenance cost is lower. 
3. The ground resistance is small, which is convenient for wheeled cart operation. 
4. Better flame retardancy, no toxic gas when burning. 
5. Combination of patterns, richer color matching, and larger design space. The patterns and patterns are designed under the transparent wear-resistant layer and will not be damaged. 
6. Wide application range Suitable for office and commercial, public places, entertainment places, home places.



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