All About Flooring - ceramic floors (Part 2)


In different countries / regions, people choose differe […]

In different countries / regions, people choose different flooring materials, its decisions will be affected by a variety of reasons - the traditional, climate (temperature and humidity), the price of materials and technologies available. For example, in warm coastal country, hot weather and high humidity. Wood does not like these conditions, but not as widely used as a landlocked country. This explains why in this country, the traditional floor often made of ceramic.
In fact, in the hot coastal countries, with floor tiles, marble, granite (or even concrete) made prevailed. Archaeologists found a huge mosaic floor in these countries - a tradition dating back to the other evidence in history.
Ceramic floor aesthetic effect is very good - depending on the quality of the tiles and designer tastes. If you do, please visit Antoni Gaudi's interest in ceramics Website - world-famous architect Michelangelo ceramics. His work demonstrates a combination of various forms, and pay attention to the most minute details, which makes his art unique, attracting a large number of tourists to Spain.
Like any other material, like ceramics and disadvantages. Although ceramics are durable, but it is an artificial material, which means that sometimes there will be cracks or damage to the finish.
Thanks to the latest developments in manufacturing technology, ceramic tile sizes up to 120x60. Many manufacturers are manufacturing ceramic tile that looks like parquet flooring (and much cheaper!). All in all, I must admit, it is not a standard ceramic or bright colors look warm and celebrated, which is a shame. Who tiles should always be square? Why can not the floor is made of ceramic or surf the dunes shape?


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