How to choose and match the room PVC floor color?


Due to its superior performance and environmental prote […]

Due to its superior performance and environmental protection, PVC flooring has generally replaced ceramic tiles and wooden flooring in developed countries and has become the first choice for floor decoration materials.

The color of PVC floor is rich. Because of this, many people are stuck in a problem when choosing PVC floor. They don't know how to choose and match the color of PVC floor. Next, Diyi Construction will introduce the color selection and matching skills of PVC floor.

1. According to the brightness of the room
If the lighting in the room is not good, try to avoid choosing dark-colored PVC plastic floor, otherwise it will make the whole space dark and narrow, which will easily produce a sense of visual pressure.
2. According to the size of the room
Color can affect the sense of visual space. Bright and warm colors have an expanding effect. Do not use color systems that compress vision in small rooms. Cool and dark colors have a compression effect. If the space is small, it is recommended to choose a bright and light-colored PVC plastic floor, which will make the room look spacious, bright and open. The thick and heavy PVC plastic floor is suitable for use in ample spaces and can produce a calm and steady effect.
3. According to spatial function
Spaces with different functions, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms, have different types of applicable PVC plastic flooring. For example, the bedroom is a place to rest, and PVC plastic flooring in warm or neutral colors is usually chosen to give people a quiet and warm feeling. The study room is a place for work and study, with a slightly darker PVC plastic floor, it can create a sense of stability. The living room is the main place for daily activities and reception of guests, with high transparency and soft colors to create a clear and harmonious atmosphere.
4. According to the floor and furniture matching
If the home is light-colored furniture, the safe color selection range of PVC plastic floor is larger, but if the home is mostly dark furniture, it is recommended not to choose too dark PVC plastic floor, lest the whole space is too dark and the room is lost The warmth and softness.
5. According to the matching of floor and wall

Walls and PVC plastic floors can deliberately use close colors, such as close wood grain tones, to present a more enlarged and extended sense of space. The color of the floor is similar to that of the wall, so that the space has an extended and enlarged effect.
The correct choice of floor color can make the entire space show a beautiful and comfortable effect. You can choose a suitable match among the many PVC floor colors according to the needs of your room.



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