How to distinguish between pvc carpet, pvc floor and pvc floor glue? Do you know these knowledge points?


Many people must have heard of PVC, but they are confus […]

Many people must have heard of PVC, but they are confused and don't know what it is. In fact, PVC is a material that is widely used in life. Almost everyone has used things made of PVC. However, in reality, few people really figure out what PVC means, so follow the reformer to understand what the real PVC means. With its unique advantages, PVC materials are widely used. PVC carpet, PVC floor, and PVC floor glue are three common types of PVC materials.

Next, we will give a detailed explanation of these 3 materials from the introduction, material characteristics, application scenarios, precautions, and 4 aspects.
PVC carpet:
PVC carpet is a carpet produced by using polyvinyl chloride resin material as the back of the carpet, which can be used instead of pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet.
Material characteristics:
1. Good flexibility, the material is elastic when folded in half and will not crack.
2. The requirement for the flatness of the ground is not high.
3. Good aesthetics, straight edges, seamless, not easy to get rid of hair.
4. Fireproof and flame retardant, PVC carpet can reach B1 fireproof grade.
Application scenarios:
It is widely used in many public places and is the mainstream floor material in office spaces.
1. Drums and wrinkles:
Except that the carpet was not spread and leveled before paving, the main reason was the uneven tension of the brace during paving and the failure of individual barbs in the barb board.
If bulging occurs when the carpet is opened, the carpet should be rolled up and spread out evenly. When paving, the support should be evenly applied. After Zhang Ping, install the barbed board immediately and hit with a flat spatula to ensure that the barbs can grasp the carpet.
2. Inconsistent color:
In addition to the poor quality of the material, it also includes that the surface of the base layer is wet or water seeps to make the carpet change color after absorbing water, and the surface of the carpet becomes lighter due to sun exposure. So when buying, pay attention to choosing carpets of good quality and consistent colors.

PVC floor:
PVC flooring is a new type of light-weight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light-weight floor material". It has been universally recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China and is widely used.
PVC floor refers to the floor made of polyvinyl chloride material.
According to the shape, PVC floor can be divided into coil type and sheet type
According to the structure of PVC floor, it can be divided into multi-layer composite type, homogenous core type and semi-homogeneous body type.
Material characteristics:
1. Green environmental protection:
The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. The raw material is non-natural and does not damage forest resources.
2. Ultra-light and ultra-thin:
The thickness of PVC floor is only 1.6~9mm, and the weight per square meter is only 2~7kg, which is less than 10% of ordinary floor materials. In high-rise buildings, it has incomparable advantages for building load-bearing and space saving. At the same time, it has special advantages in the renovation of old buildings.
3. Super wear resistance:
There is a special high-tech processed transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of the PVC floor.
4. High elasticity and super recovery:
PVC flooring has a soft texture, good elasticity, and strong impact resistance. It has a strong elastic recovery ability for heavy impact damage and is not easy to damage.
5. Antibacterial properties:
The surface of the PVC floor has been treated with special antibacterial treatment, which has strong killing ability to most bacteria and the ability to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.
Application scenarios:
PVC flooring is widely used, such as homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places.
PVC floor has high requirements for the flatness of the ground.

PVC floor glue:
PVC floor glue is a soft material of PVC floor, also known as composite PVC elastic floor, generally coiled material.
Material characteristics:
Good shock absorption, good slip resistance, easy to maintain, and easy to maintain. Application scenarios: PVC floor glue is mainly installed in badminton courts, table tennis courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, yoga rooms, dance rooms, gyms and other sports venues. Precautions:
Same as PVC floor (high requirements for the flatness of the ground.)

PVC and linen floors
Composition: Oxidized linoleum, a mixture of cork and wood flour, laminated on the jute backing. Also... Add other unnatural chemicals.
Scratch resistance:
The linen floor is hard and soft. This is why thick linen floors have poor scratch resistance.
Dimensional stability:
The dimensional stability of linen flooring is very poor. Therefore, strong glue must be used, and construction costs will naturally rise. Flax flooring is not as stable as PVC. PVC flooring contains a glass fiber layer, which has a small coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction.
Color difference and maintenance:
During the drying process of the linoleum floor, it is dried by the cross bars in a 15-meter-long drying oven. The light-colored marks left by these cross bars cannot be removed in the future process. There will be differences between the sample and the actual product, yellowing, and the resistance of the linen floor to the maintenance product (pH> 7) is very poor. The maintenance of linoleum floor needs to be maintained under natural light, it needs to be polished and waxed, and special products must be used. In all cases, PVC flooring without additives is better than linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring is much harder than PVC products.
Stain resistance:
The surface of the linoleum floor is porous, and all the dirt must be cleaned quickly, otherwise the surface will leave marks that are difficult to remove, so it must be polished and waxed, otherwise it will become dirty. Linoleum floor can be worn away from burn marks, but PVC floor (composite type) cannot. Permeable PVC floor is much easier than flax floor.
The construction of linoleum floor is more difficult. If the indoor temperature is too low, the linoleum floor is easy to break. Therefore, the product must be installed quickly with strong glue, which may cause indoor formaldehyde pollution. Flax flooring cannot be welded but "joined", so it cannot be used in damp rooms or areas with cleanliness requirements.
Environmental protection:
Many people think that the linoleum floor is made of natural materials, so it is the most environmentally friendly floor. They do not know that the linoleum floor is also added with chemical substances, and it also emits a strong smell, staying in the room where it is installed, giving people a strange smell. PVC flooring does not release any odor and does not contain formaldehyde.

PVC floor and rubber floor
The scope of application of the product is narrower than that of PVC floor, with strong odor, poor sound insulation performance, difficult maintenance, single color, poor abrasion resistance, after one year of use, the surface of the floor is not shiny, the slip resistance is better than that of pvc floor, the construction cost is high, and the floor weight is greater PVC flooring causes increased transportation costs, large coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction, and poor dimensional stability. The rubber flooring uses natural rubber, so the cost of the flooring is relatively high. A perfect self-leveling base layer is required, otherwise the rubber will exaggerate the defects of the base layer.

PVC floor and carpet
Textile carpets can change color, have hygiene problems (easy to breed bacteria, poor stain resistance, difficult to clean and maintain, afraid of moisture, easy), smell, and color is monotonous.

PVC floors and tiles
PVC floor construction is faster than ceramic tiles, lighter in weight, reducing the load on buildings, ceramic tiles have poor anti-slip performance (especially in the presence of water), poor impact resistance, and many joints.

PVC floor and wood floor
Solid wood flooring is not suitable for humid environments, it is prone to deformation, cracking, drumming, moth eaten, mildew, decay, walking echo, impact resistance, difficult to clean and maintain, because the floor needs to be painted, and formaldehyde is released.


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