How to identify and select pvc floor mats?


How to identify floor mats: 1. Whether it is sold in sp […]

How to identify floor mats:
1. Whether it is sold in specialty stores. When consumers choose PVC carpet dealers, they should pay attention to whether the business has a formal authorization letter, international quality certification, my country’s environmental labeling product certificate, and an authoritative certificate issued by my country’s functional departments; whether there is a formal inspection report (some entrusted The inspection report is untrue. We need to look at the inspection report for supervision and inspection or daily random inspection). At the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the report is the original.
2. Check the information and atlas of PVC carpets. Those false statements, such as rough printing, crude content, and wear-resistant claims, are misleading propaganda and are the actions of non-standard manufacturers.
3. Is there a standard retail price set by a manufacturer or marketing agency, and whether it is a product at a random price? If this is the case, it cannot be a branded PVC carpet.
4. Look at the surface pattern of PVC carpet. The surface texture of the carpet is fuzzy, the color is not correct, the color is unnatural, it is not UV resistant, and it is easy to fade. These are undoubtedly low-quality PVC carpets.
5. Look at the core material of the carpet. PVC carpets with rough core material, dark color, and easy to break corners; formaldehyde content exceeds the national standard for superior products; most of the unqualified products of the carpet are inferior products.
6. Look at the degree of polishing of the PVC carpet. Use woodworking sandpaper to polish the surface of the carpet a few times. The low-quality counterfeit products are white and have traces, which are below the national standard wear resistance requirements.
7. Look at the stitching effect picture of the carpet. Take a sample of a pack of PVC carpets and stagger the three pieces. The problems of height difference, triangular seams and uneven edges are obvious. Such carpets are inferior products.
8. Look at the bottom of the PVC carpet. Those with inconsistent colors, rough texture, no brand name, large deformation, poor moisture resistance, are inferior products.

Method of choosing floor mats:
1. Density and elasticity. Good elasticity and high density carpet will make your carpet more comfortable. To detect the elasticity of the carpet, consumers can press the carpet with their fingers to see if it can quickly restore the original shape. The better the elasticity, the faster the recovery speed. To detect the density of the carpet, consumers can bend the carpet to see if the back is visible. Generally, the higher the density, the less likely it is to expose the back.
2. Material. The material of the carpet can reflect the pressure-bearing capacity and abrasion resistance of the carpet. Good material can make the life of the carpet longer.
3. Applicable location. Consumers should pay attention to the laying position and the amount of walking when choosing carpets. Use high-density and wear-resistant carpets in areas that move frequently, such as entrances and halls. There are few moving areas. For example, the bedroom can be made of soft and high plush, and the stairs should be durable and non-slip. In places where stains are easy to stick to, such as dining rooms, etc., choose easy-to-clean and easy-to-care carpets.
4. Anti-fouling ability. The anti-fouling ability of the carpet is very critical in life. Generally, plain-colored and patternless carpets are easy to show stains and footprints. The dust accumulation of cut pile carpets usually surface on the carpet surface, revealing stains, but the dust is easy to clean, while loop piles tend to accumulate dust in the bottom of the carpet, which is more difficult. Clear. Carpet daily maintenance and maintenance Vacuuming is the most basic task of carpet maintenance. From the day the carpet is used, it is necessary to vacuum thoroughly every day. Do not have the idea of ​​thoroughly vacuuming tomorrow. Once the dust deposits, it is difficult to vacuum daily Clear. PVC woven carpet satisfies the characteristics of easy cleaning. When it is dirty, it only needs to be rinsed with water, which reduces the maintenance cost.
5. The color of the carpet. Consumers should pay attention to whether the color of the carpet is different under different light sources. Different production batches will also cause differences in the color of the carpet.
6. Carpet brand. Consumers need to choose good-quality branded carpets so that they can enjoy a series of perfect after-sales services. In addition, good brand carpets can ensure that the carpets have undergone abrasion-resistant, anti-static and anti-fouling treatment processes, and will not fade easily.

PVC floor mats are PVC carpets. PVC carpets are carpets made of polyvinyl chloride resin materials. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resins are used as the main raw materials, and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials are added. , On a continuous sheet-like substrate, it is formed by uniform mixing, coating process or calendering and extrusion process, which can replace pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet.


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