Why will more and more people choose PVC flooring?


How to construct PVC flooring? Although it has long bee […]

How to construct PVC flooring? Although it has long been heard that PVC flooring is a new type of lightweight floor decoration material, it is widely used, such as homes, schools, hospitals and other large public places. Because these large places, if all solid wood floors or solid wood composite floors are used, the cost performance is definitely not as high as that of PVC floors, so PVC floors are favored by more and more people. So, how should PVC flooring be constructed?



First of all, it is the room temperature condition of PVC floor construction. It is required that the indoor temperature must be kept between 15 degrees and 25 degrees during construction. And to ensure that water and electricity can be used normally, and at the same time have the necessary leakage protection measures. The ground base before construction must meet the national requirements: flat and dry, clean and compact, hard and free of other impurities such as grease.
One step, the ground base treatment before PVC floor construction. Use a floor grinder to polish the entire ground that needs to be laid to clean up some impurities on the surface of the floor. Some raised, loose and hollow ground must be removed. Then clean up the debris and dust generated after grinding, and repair the cracks to ensure the perfect combination of the self-leveling adhesive and the base layer.
The second step is self-leveling and leveling treatment. The self-leveling construction operation needs to be carried out when the primer is completely dry and there is no accumulation of liquid. During the self-leveling construction, it is necessary to ensure that the self-leveling cement is evenly mixed, so use a professional mixer to mix and grasp the ratio of water to cement.
Three steps, laying of PVC floor. Unfold the paving materials for more than 24 hours before laying, which can reduce the color difference of different batches of materials. Therefore, put together the same batch and the same color of PVC flooring materials when unfolding, so that there will be no obvious color difference when laying, which affects the overall effect.
Four steps, treatment of the seams. The construction must be done 24 hours after the floor is laid and the glue is completely cured before grooving and welding can be performed.
Note that the depth of the groove is two-thirds of the thickness of the floor, and the seam cannot be penetrated. The dust and debris in the groove must be removed before welding, so as to ensure the practicality of the PVC floor.

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